Wednesday, September 5, 2012

snapshots of the slow life

teriyaki chicken with stir fry 

i spent last week inside, mainly on the couch with my foot on an ice pack. thank goodness for friends and family who were willing to come over to make dinner and chase gigi around.

delicata squash on the vine!

i ventured outside once or twice to water the garden and pick a few things.

comfort food: meatloaf and green bean tater tot casserole (made with garden fresh green beans!)


on the morning of september 1st it was cool enough to have our first fire of the season. it helped all of us just relax and enjoy the slowness of the weekend.

a tea party and drawing in front of the fire.


the tomatoes are beginning to ripen, but not enough at once to do much with, other than slice and eat on a bagel, which i love! i'm glad they're not ready for canning yet, since i'm not ready to do the canning yet...

while i'm not a coffee drinker, i do love the look of this chemex carafe.

love these dishes, sigh...

when the weekend arrived i finally really got out of the house. so wonderful! i stopped by a friend's yard sale and got a big bag of well-loved organic baby boy clothes, for the price of one new outfit.

new dressers for the big girl and baby boy

i have been on the hunt for a new dresser for kids clothes. we have a tiny one from ikea right now in gigi's room that is constantly falling apart and not big enough. luckily, our favorite mid century furniture store, and best kept secret, was having a sidewalk sale. we got those two big dressers, plus a night stand and a mirror for a steal. they aren't in perfect condition, but i don't know if i'd want to put really nice pieces in a child's room.

busy, busy hens

my expert bean picker

we swapped cars with my mom so i can drive (she has an automatic, i have a stick-shift) and yesterday i was back in action. it was great to meet a friend for breakfast, have an appointment with my midwife and hear a tiny heartbeat, and run to the grocery store, but wow was my foot aching at the end of the day. trying to pace myself a bit better today...

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  1. Love these snapshots into your life, it looks idyllic! All that amazing fresh food, cooked so well - yum. I adore those dressers, they are perfectly retro, good find! x