Thursday, September 6, 2012

the quilt is finished!


 it turns out that i don't do well just resting. it really drives me crazy. last week i did my best to stay off my foot, but part way through the week i was feeling really bored and unhappy. usually i channel my creativity into cooking, since that's something i can do with a toddler. alas, cooking requires both feet on the floor.

loving this curved tapestry needle

the previous week i had almost finished the quilt. i just had to finish hand tying it. my sewing area is downstairs, which isn't somewhere i'm going right now, so i had my wonderful husband bring it upstairs. then i crossed my fingers that gigi and i could 'work' on it together. every time i have tried any kind of hand sewing around her she gets really interested, which is great, but can't keep from trying to grab at the needle.

'yellow, and purple, and white, and green...'

well, untangling the yarn wasn't really very interesting to her and she quickly discovered all of the straight pins in the quilt and found them to be much more interesting. so after a quick discussion of how much they can hurt and how they don't know anywhere near your mouth (and then having to repeatedly stop myself from putting them in my mouth, because its just so convenient and old habits die hard) i decided to let her busy herself with the pins. it worked great, although she wanted all of them, and some of them, of course, needed to stay where they were...


so not only did i get to cross something off of my baby to-do list, i discovered a new way to craft with her, and i managed to feel a little less stir-crazy that morning.

this quilt pattern is from the lovely book Hand in Hand: Crafting with Kids. i think it will be a good resource for us when gigi is a bit older. the quilt was really easy and came together quite quickly, given the amount of time i had to work on it.

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  1. Wow, the quilt is lovely. The colours you've used are great, not too much blue, and i love the fabric you chose. That book sounds good. I love crafting with my girl. At five, she is old enough to do some sewing and we both love it. And anything that involves scissors, glue and paper and glitter...