Thursday, October 18, 2012

snapshots from the last few days

a lunch date out while the little one was at preschool. yummmm...

i love this time of year.

thinking about christmas crafting.

can't seem to get enough hot chocolate and pastries right now.

planted garlic

an afternoon tea break.

morning tea.

eggs, potatoes, tomatoes, tomatillo sauce and bacon. yes!

autumn gnomes

butternuts, waiting to be roasted for soup.

lentil soup with spinach and ham.

tea, snacks, and politics. three of my favorite things!

white bean with ham soup. it has been a soup-making week, and now the freezer is stocked!

kitty and a baby belly.

cookies and cream ice cream while watching the season premiere of The Walking Dead. 


  1. I love these snapshots - the photo of the fire and pumpkin is great. More lovely food. Ice cream and DVD box sets is a perfect night in our house. Hubby loves The Walking Dead - I never watched it, but he is always telling me how good it is.

    The UK media is full of talk of the US presidential elections - we are quite obsessed by it! x

    1. we are obsessed with the elections as well, at least my house is. i love politics, so this time of year is especially fun for me!

      i'm so happy that it is cool enough to have a fire in the fireplace. it just makes the house so much more inviting and cozy.

      the walking dead is amazing, but really intense. i look forward to, and dread, watching it at the same time.

  2. What kind of soup are you freezing? I'm always looking for ideas to freeze meals but am afraid it will unfreeze in a funky texture sort of way.

    1. i froze lentil, white bean, and butternut soup. i have found that the key to freezing soup is to leave the dairy out. the butternut soup calls for cream or milk to be added, which i will do once i thaw it. when i was pregnant with my daughter i made and froze a few chicken pot pies, which had cream in them. when i thawed them the cream separated and it was really yucky. i sure did learn that lesson well. and now i really distrust commercial frozen pot pies. what's in there to keep it from separating?