Saturday, October 13, 2012

snapshots from the last few weeks

canning broth with a helper

harvested 12 lbs of potatoes from our potato towers!

sunday pizza night is back! hooray for cooler weather!

roasted red peppers for canned marinated red peppers, recipe from this book.

amazing tomatillo sauce. i'm making a double batch of this next year, recipe also from this book.

pizza with roasted marinated peppers. they take the pizza to a whole new level.

italian pot pie with broccoli.

prepping apples for pie

apple crisp pie right before going into the oven. it's a magical hybrid dessert with crust on the bottom and streusel on top. i got the recipe from this book. it is really delicious, but very rich. it's a special occasion pie to be shared with friends. 
i recently joined our local buying club and this is what i got this week! so long grocery store!

my second trimester surge of energy seems to have left me this week. now i don't even want to cook dinner, let alone think about canning.

and of course, now that i don't have any energy my foot is almost healed. i am officially wearing matching shoes again. no more walking boot! acupuncture is a great thing.

i have been having fun setting up a registry for my baby shower. the things you want or need with a second baby are so different than with the first. i already have a lot of the practical things from last time and i know what i actually need versus what i thought i needed. plus, it's always fun to look at baby things...


  1. Wow! Your potato towers really produced! We didn't even get a pound of potatoes. Although we got more than we did last year!

  2. Everything looks so delicious...especially the apple crisp pie! And glad to hear that your foot is healing well! Take it easy this trimester. I remember feeling so tired those last weeks of pregnancy.

  3. Such a lovely collection of foodie delights here Cassie! Your kitchen is so busy. It looks like a warm and welcoming place. You've been super organised with preparing and storing food, you'll reap the benefits all winter.

    Those Sunday night pizzas...yum. x