Sunday, November 11, 2012

snapshots from the last week or two

pie and tea

bagel with cream cheese, turkey, and tomatoes (from my garden!)

sweet treats with my sweet girl

stew and candlelight 

a sweet learn-to-knit gift for no reason from my great husband

yes we can! (and we did!)

messy, messy crafting

tuesday was a good day

i love going out to breakfast

early morning sewing for my girl 

furiously sewing and crafting for christmas before this baby arrives

running errands in our camper van
a dark and cozy evening


  1. Tuesday was a good day! I can't believe how angry some folks got about it. What are you sewing in the picture with your sewing machine? I just made curtains for our shed (crazy, I know) because all I can sew is a straight line.

    1. i was making a baby doll sling for my daughter so that she can 'wear' her baby when i am wearing my baby. it's going in her bag of baby doll accessories that her brother is giving her when he is born. it was all sewn with straight lines :)

  2. Tuesday was a good day in the UK too - most Brits think Obama is definitely preferable to Romney and the US elections got huge media coverage here. If I was an American I would definitely vote democrat! Your life looks busy and cosy right now, full of crafting and cooking and enjoying little moments. x

    1. i read somewhere that every other country except for pakistan wanted obama to get re-elected. when i saw that he had been re-elected i was so excited that i forgot i was pregnant and tired to jump up from my chair to do a happy dance in the living room. needless to say, there was a lot of laughter at my expense...