Thursday, November 15, 2012

wish list

normally christmas blindsides me a bit. i usually don't start thinking about what i'm going to get for people, or what i want, until after thanksgiving. well, this year is a little different. i'm due to have a baby in 3-ish weeks, give or take a week or two depending on when he decides to arrive. naturally my life is being ruled by nesting hormones that have manifested themselves into many, many 'to do' lists. christmas shopping is one of the biggest items on my list. my goal is to have everything purchased/made and wrapped before i go into labor. oh, and holiday cards addressed and stamped, and a little from-baby-brother-to-big-sister gift ready to go when he arrives (which mainly consists of things i'm making, not buying), washing all of the baby clothes, making a list of fun things to do with gigi for when i'm in labor, etc. ugh, just writing it out is stressful.
so i thought i'd post my wish list, because presents are fun. i actually had a hard time coming up with things that i want. my brain has been so focused on my daughter (christmas shopping for her has been sooooo fun!) and on our impending baby that when i tried to think of something for me, all i came up with was... hmmm... clothes are out because who knows what size i will be for a while, cookbooks (normally a big winner for me) aren't that appealing because i'm probably not going to be doing a lot of cooking for the first few months and it will just seem like a tease... all i could think of was, maybe we should just take that money and add it into our cloth diaper service. i mean, that's kind of a gift to me, right? yes, but so not what you want to unwrap on christmas morning. and then i started thinking about being home a lot with a toddler and a new baby in the winter and how i could make that better for me. so here are a few things that i think will give me comfort, add beauty to my home, and feed my creative spirit, even when i haven't had any sleep and am so tired that i may have forgotten my own name.

terrariums are perfect because they are low maintenance, beautiful, and contained (meaning closed off from curious little fingers). i love this one. this one is really sweet and wonderful too.

these slippers from toast uk. stylish, cozy, and machine washable. my current slippers are a few years old and need to be retired asap.

i love all things woodland themed, but the mushroom might be my most favorite woodland item. i've always wanted to learn to needle felt and this kit seems like a great way to do it. plus, i love supporting independent sellers and makers on easy.

a good scented candle to bring a warm feeling into the house and freshen up whatever terrible smells might be lingering. red flower makes my favorite candles: japanese peony and indian jasmine are my favorite scents. they burn really well and the scents are perfect, not too sweet.

i get one of nikki mcclure's calendars every year. they never disappoint.

a beautiful new mug to sip my tea out of. it's the little everyday moments of beauty that really make life lovely, don't you think?
so i know i said no cookbooks, but it's nice to have something to look forward to, right? and it might just be the thing that inspires me to get back into the kitchen, even with a baby on my back and a toddler at my feet. her blog is wonderful and i imagine her book is just as great. i mean, i'm ready to eat the food on the cover.

a subscription renewal to one of my favorite magazines, Taproot. each issue makes me think about life in a new way and helps me remember to try to be in the moment. 
so, what's on your wish list this year? is it practical? frivolous? a combination? have you even thought about it yet?

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  1. Great list! I really like the terrariums you featured, especially the small hanging ones. They would look great with tealight candles int them. And yay to the Smitten Kitchen book too - I like that blog a lot.

    I am hoping for a bright yellow leather satchel, and some nice pyjamas and anything by the majestic Orla Kiely is always very welcome in my home! x