Wednesday, February 6, 2013

the little moments

i've been trying to focus on the little moments of happiness that each day brings. i'm eager to take on bigger projects, but i know that they aren't really practical right now. this is the second week in a row where i have planned on making and canning chicken broth, only to be thwarted by a feverish child.

i love the waldorf tradition of nature tables in the home. gigi is just at the age where we can have one and she doesn't instantly destroy it. just last fall i tried to make one with her, but she just crumpled up all the dried leaves that we had collected. we had fun collecting these pinecones and branches on a walk last saturday. i made the felted acorns a year ago. they're so fun to have around that i kind of never want to put them away, even though they aren't summery at all. so i figure we have about a year of making pretty nature table displays, or until dino figures out how to get to it. it makes me happy every time i walk past it. a moment of happiness in the midst of a, probably, chaotic day.

i'm loving how dino is being incorporated into our lives. now that he is awake a bit more, he is tagging along with us around the house. it turns out that he loves the pattern on our shower curtain. he was very content to lay on the floor while gigi and i brushed our teeth and got ready for the day. i especially love how much gigi has embraced him as a member of our family. the other day we were going to a drive through car wash and i heard her telling him all about what he was about to experience, since he hadn't ever been through one before. it's just so sweet. she could figure that he was just a baby that couldn't understand her, so why should she bother talking to him, but instead she seems him as a person of value. i love it. i'm an only child, so i've only ever seen sibling relationships from the outside. it's really fun getting to watch it all unfold.

i spend a lot of time nursing and looking at things on my iphone and daydreaming of the future. here are some of the things that i love right now:

i just discovered the blog 100 Days of Real Food and i love it. this post about school lunches is especially inspiring. i went to a few workshops at our midwifery center about health and nutrition and i'm feeling very motivated to improve what we eat. and i know that we already eat pretty well, but there's definitely room for improvement.

i'm making mental lists of all the things we can do when spring and summer arrive: camping, berry picking, jam-making, gardening...

thinking about my garden for the first time since last summer. when i was pregnant i really just ran out of energy for it. now i'm just starting to think about planting peas and chard, lettuce and tomatoes... possibly some tomatillos and snap beans, radishes and delicata squash. the delicatas we grew last year were so good and lasted a long time. i must grow more this summer!

and someday i'm going to redo the layout of this blog to include tabs for my Pinterest and Instagram, which are some of my biggest, and most fun, time-wasting activities.

lastly, here is a ridiculously adorable photo because why not? baby smiles make the world go 'round!


  1. I just discovered the 100 days of real food blog too and love it! But judging from your food posts, I'd say you already eat pretty healthy! It's pretty hard this time of year to not think about digging in the garden! I'm loving on the baby smiles!

    1. thanks jen, we do eat pretty well around here. i am inspired that they cut out sugar and stick to only whole grains. that's going to be a tough sell though. i made multigrain pancakes a couple of weeks ago and my husband wanted to know why we couldn't have the really yummy ones that i usually make, even though the multigrain pancakes were really good. baby steps, right?

  2. Our lives are mirroring one anothers quite a lot at the moment! Glad all is well in new sibling land!