Friday, October 25, 2013

hello autumn

hello everyone. it looks like i took the summer off from blogging, unintentionally. anyway, i'm back!
we have been enjoying a gorgeous, crisp fall here. it has been cold in the evening and morning, then sunny in the afternoon. so amazing. last week my husband was in london for work. it was hard parenting two kids by myself for nine days. i learned a lot about parenting and housekeeping during that time. i'm not great at time management, but i learned how to prioritize things and ended up learning how to help myself. i never thought i'd say this, but i'm actually glad he went out of town, not that i'm looking forward to him leaving again.
i have started working on organizing my sewing studio. it still had unfinished projects from last christmas on the table when i peeked into it a couple of days ago. last december i was ready to have a baby any day and couldn't sleep well, so i'd wake up early and go work on projects before everyone else woke up. then i had that baby and pretty much haven't been back. in the meantime i fell in love with knitting and that took care of my creative needs quite well. i still love knitting, but i want to start sewing again too. i bought some beautiful fabric that needs to be turned into a quilt, but that's another post... anyway, i started cleaning up my studio a couple of nights ago and discovered this half-finished felt tea bag that i just had to finish. it may seem silly, but cleaning up a bit and then finishing this cute little thing felt so good. i can't wait to get back there and accomplish more!

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  1. The felt tea bag is adorable. I totally understand how finishing a project, no matter how small, would make you feel. When my two were about the age your two are now, my husband had a long commute and was out of the house from 6am till after 7pm. It was hard work, but you get through it. Those days were long!

    Great to see you back here, by the way. x