Monday, October 28, 2013

snapshots from the weekend

this weekend we all were either totally immersed in a cold or fighting one. it's always disappointing to be stuck inside on the weekend, but even more so when it is probably the last dry weekend of the season. actually it rained sunday, but saturday looked beautiful. i had plans to pull the summer garden plants and put in some overwintering plants, but that didn't happen. such is life, right?

since there were a few runny noses and achy throats around here we traded our regular saturday night pizza dinner for big bowls of comforting ramen. i toss the flavor packets out and use homemade chicken broth with a little sherry and soy sauce. sometimes i use leftover chicken, but this time i pan fried it for a little variety. it was so good. i might have to make it again this week.

i finished knitting this sweet little vest for my little boy on sunday. it was the highlight of my day! it was my first time knitting a cable. i was intimidated at first, but it turned out to be really easy. the yarn is a wool and silk blend. it is so soft, perfect for a baby. i included photos of my daughter's vest too. i don't think i ever posted a photo of it completed. i'm hoping to get a photo or two of them wearing their vests together.

i have recently fallen in love with a blog. i was going to write 'a new blog' but it isn't new. it's not even that new to me, but i had only looked at it once about a year ago and for some reason (i blame pregnancy) it just didn't really pique my interest. of course that doesn't make any sense, because it is so up my alley, right? that's why i blame pregnancy. i'm referring to the lovely Poise Gets Cozy. in the last week i have been reading back through her blog at every little chance i get. it's so beautiful and inspiring. it's also fun for me because we live in the same city. i love seeing my city through someone else's eyes. a day or two ago she posted about a sweater she knit for her daughter that she lined with cotton to give it a little extra warmth. well, this got me thinking. i love the idea of combining knitting with fabric. i love yarn almost as much as i love a beautiful pattern. i'm currently knitting a little cardigan for my baby boy, and this post started me thinking about possibly lining it in a polka dot flannel or something. so then i thought about that for a couple of hours while making breakfast, drinking tea, chasing children, etc. then i realized that i could knit a sweater for myself and line it with something wonderful. maybe even a liberty print? or something from heather ross? and then i really started to get excited. many years ago a boyfriend of mine gave me what he thought was the perfect christmas gift: a j crew fleece hoodie lined in jersey. it was pretty wonderful and i wore it until it wore out. while i was wearing it, though, i always secretly wished that i could turn it inside out, with jersey on the outside and warm fleece on the inside. fleece doesn't stay nice looking for very long. i'm almost always cold, so i am forever looking for new, stylish ways to be warm. i wear hoodies a lot. i like the look of sweaters more, but they don't end up being what i reach for. but what if i could knit a warm wool sweater and then line it with flannel? it would be stylish and warm! and quite expensive, but i'd wear it and wear it year after year. i'm sure i'll write about this more as i continue to dream about it.


  1. Please would you share your ramen recipe one day? I've only ever had it in restaurants and wouldn't know where to start with making it at home which is a shame as I love it. Your pictures look so cosy. It's nice when you get a dry autumn - here, October has been wet and mild.

    Posie Gets Cozy has been one of my favourite blogs for years now, it was one of the first I ever discovered I think. I love her photography, her writing and her style. I've ordered a Maggie rabbit kit for Bella for Christmas. You should totally make a fleece lined sweater. I am always cold and wear my slippers so much in the house that I wear them out and have to buy a couple of pairs each winter. xx

  2. I had been reading Psie gets Cozy off and on for a while. Most recently on again. I am in love with her house and style. I want her to decorate my house or at least give me pointers. And her daughter is beautiful.
    Your vests are lovely. You'll have to let me know how it goes with lining a sweater. I've thought about doing that with hats but I am not a good seamstress so am a little scared to tey it.