Tuesday, November 12, 2013

snapshots from the weekend

we recently were flirting with buying our first house. it was fun to see what was out there and dream of all of the possibilities. then i read this book and we decided to stay in our rental for a few more years. i know we are making the right decision, but i was still a little bummed about it. so i've decided to snap photos of my favorite little parts of this house. maybe it will help me fall in love with it again, instead of focusing on all of the things i can't change (awful wall to wall carpet, hideous bathroom fixtures, etc).

the cardigan is coming along whenever i get a chance. on saturday i found myself sitting on the side of the community pool without a baby in my arms and thought, why didn't i bring my knitting? maybe next weekend.

these banana strawberry muffins are really moist and yummy. i made them with thawed frozen berries. and who doesn't love a mini muffin? almost bite-sized, they're a little dangerous, right?

when my husband was out of town i bought a few different frozen pizzas and have decided that his homemade pizza has ruined me for almost every other pizza out there. frozen pizza is terrible and now that i know how inexpensive it is to make our own i can't justify restaurant pizza. saturday night pizza is pretty much the best, and not just because i don't have to make it!

my best news of the weekend is that i now fit into my skinniest jeans again! it's great, but i'm going to miss some of my bigger clothes. i think i'll be asking for gift certificates to j crew and boden for christmas since i basically now have one pair of pants that fit.

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  1. If it makes you feel any better we own our house and there is loads we want to change about it but can't afford to do! Renting is quite expensive here which is why so many people try to buy. I always think your home looks lovely. I just love that orange pan. x