Monday, November 25, 2013

these autumn days

our autumn has turned unseasonably cold and dry. we are all squinting from the sunlight, but trying to enjoy it before the rain returns. i've been mainly staying indoors with a teething baby who has a cold. he has been a restless sleeper, crying out and waking at strange times. more often than not i wake up realizing that he is sitting up with his teeth chattering because he is so cold. usually it is still dark and i'm so tired. that's when the magic combo of knitting and hot cocoa really make my day.

i've already started feeling the christmas crunch. every year at this time i ask myself 'why didn't i start making gifts last july?' and then i remind myself to start next july. maybe next july i really will start. anyway, i had all sorts of grand plans, but have decided to be a bit more realistic this year. my crafting plans include matching leggings for both kids and the new doll, matching nightgowns for my daughter and the new doll, plus some knitted things. that still sort of seems like a lot, but trust me, the list was much bigger before.

last night i think i found the sweater pattern i want to make for myself. i love that it has a high neck, but not a hood. my goal is to have knitted and lined a sweater jacket for myself by next fall. i finished the body of my son's cardigan and realized that it is huge on him. so it is going to wait to get sleeves until after the rush of christmas crafting is over. maybe it will be spring or summer when it fits him, so i won't end up lining it. i also ended up falling in love with these booties and had a bit of a crazy frenzy for a day or two where i decided that i would try to make some, instead of buying them, despite having never knitted socks before or slippers. my mom and husband talked me out that, thank goodness. if i had a weekend of free time i am confident i could have knitted them for him, but i don't think i'll have a free weekend to just knit for a few years. so i splurged and bought them and a matching hat. and now he will be cozy and warm this winter and my christmas and birthday shopping for him is finished!

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  1. Very lovely autumn days! We are enjoying some cold, sunny days and I love it! I hope your teething little one is feeling better soon.