Tuesday, December 3, 2013


last week we celebrated Thanksgiving with a four day weekend. we spent our four day weekend feasting with family, taking a beautiful hike and having a chilly picnic on a cold, clear day, enjoying lots of Thanksgiving leftovers (layering everything in a pie dish and covering it with dough and baking it, roasted brussels sprouts with fried eggs, pumpkin and pecan pie, turkey wraps with cream cheese and cranberry sauce), and starting to get ready for christmas.

we are waiting to put up christmas decorations until after dean's birthday (next week!), but we have pulled out the advent calendar which brings lots of excitement to the end of each day. this upcoming weekend is going to be full of holiday fun with our annual breakfast with santa event, the local waldorf winter faire, and a friend's birthday all happening on saturday. i'm hoping to finish my shopping today and then all i will have left is lots of sewing and knitting, and finding my list of addresses for christmas cards, deciding who gets jam and who gets pickles, wrapping the gifts, etc. i'm sure you all can relate.

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  1. Your Thanksgiving sounds lovely, a lot like ours. And a picnic on a cold, but sunny day sounds quite nice. Happy (early) Birthday to your little guy. I can not believe he is about to turn one year old… it goes by too fast. We have finished our Christmas decorating and I am almost finished with my shopping. I ordered my Christmas cards yesterday, so they should arrive soon. It sounds like you have a nice weekend planned… Enjoy!