Monday, December 9, 2013

the weekend...

i've been trying to spend at least a few nights a week sewing once the littles are asleep. so far i've made one pair of pants (for dean) and gotten really frustrated working on a nightgown for gianna. i haven't sewn in over a year and foolishly decided to use a free pattern that i got online. the pattern is terrible and the nightie is huge! way too big for her. so last week i bought an actual pattern with the hope that i can take apart this nightmare nightie and use the pieces to make something that fits. we'll see. i started to do that last night, only to remember that i need to do some birthday projects before wednesday. my sweet husband pointed out that dean won't care if there is a banner that says his name, or if he has a crown to wear, but i care. for gianna's first birthday there were banners, a crown and a special birthday dress all made by me. he deserves the same. i started to pick out fabric for his banner last night, but was interrupted by his cries multiple times. teething seems pretty terrible. he needed comfort so much that he fell asleep with his head in my lap. the great thing about the art of motherhood is that it can be done anywhere at any time.

we have been having incredibly cold weather. it has been below freezing for the last week. we had a bit of snow, but i didn't get the chance to capture it. it was really fleeting. we are supposed to get some more tonight that will turn into freezing rain and ice in the night. dean's booties and hat arrived just in time. they are so warm and lovely. i feel like it was a good splurge. all of this cold, clear weather has given us beautiful sunrises and sunsets. it's such a treat!

yesterday we put up our tree and other holiday decorations. i'll post some photos once it is all finished. i also went to a scandanavian fest that made me wish i could fill my house with dala horses. i bought a little dala horse ornament and a few other things. i went with my amazing friend anna and was in awe of her ability to spot the three good things in a pile of otherwise just ok stuff. check out her post and her treasures here. i should ask her to decorate my house. the other bright spots to my weekend were listening to this knitting podcast and my husband bringing me home the ingredients for a peppermint martini last night because i was so tired and cranky from all of the teething and not-sleeping. hooray for great husbands!


  1. YOUR STUDIO!! It looks soooo goood!!! Freaking out!

    1. thank you! although truth be told, i just cropped the mess out. my cutting table and fabric storage areas are still a terrible mess. but at least this is a step in the right direction, right?