Tuesday, February 11, 2014

snowy days

i'm so glad i picked up this pastry thursday morning. i had no idea it would be my last stop for the next few days!

it's good to keep the home-brew warm & snug in a blanket, especially when it was brewed just for me!

the last time we had snow like this i was pregnant with gianna. usually we get less than an inch of snow and the whole city panics. it started snowing last thursday and i really didn't worry about it too much. i figured it would all be gone by saturday morning. wow was i wrong! it's tuesday today and the schools are finally back open and i drove my car for the first time since thursday. 

it was beautiful and fun to have something new and different going on. however, because we don't get snow very often, and we aren't skiers, we don't really have any snow gear, so it meant that we spent a whole lot of time inside. we took some chilly walks and gianna did a bit of inner tubing, but mainly we were inside. it's hard for a newly walking toddler to navigate grass, let alone snow! 

earlier in the week i'd made some yogurt, but i thickened it with gelatin which made it too thick, so i put a bunch of it into a blackberry coffee cake. i was really thankful that we have a giant freezer filled with bread and meat, and that i had just picked up our weekly produce and egg box the day before the snow. yes, we ran out of milk, but otherwise we ate quite well despite not going to the store at all.

saturday afternoon gianna and i went next door and had tea with our neighbor. what a nice change of pace it was. it is amazing how small the house can feel when you've been in it non-stop with two energetic kids. 

we made valentine's, put together a puppet theater out of a cardboard box, and played and played and played. so many toys everywhere! by sunday the weather had shifted from snow to freezing rain, so then the snow had a 1/4" thick layer of ice on it. it warmed up sunday night, but not enough to melt all of the snow. there is still no out there now, but it is raining so hopefully it will all wash away by the weekend. i had hopes of spending the whole snowy weekend sitting by the fire knitting, but that was just a fantasy! i did sit by the fire but usually with a child, not knitting, in my lap, which is just fine with me. 


  1. Such lovely photos! Your neighborhood looks so cute. We have about 5 inches of snow now, and are expecting and additional 3 - 5 overnight. Your pastry looks really yummy. And the handmade valentine's are adorable.

    1. thanks julia! the pastry was an almond danish. they're my favorite! we have a bakery close by that is just amazing. it's so tempting and so close by. thank goodness it's not within walking distance! build a fire and enjoy your snow!