Saturday, February 15, 2014


we had a lovely valentine's day here. it has always been a mellow holiday for us (no big jewelry gifts) just having fun with small expressions of love and good food, of course :)

my mom came over earlier in the week and made the valentine garland with gianna. i had gotten gianna's dress in a bag of hand-me-downs and it had a huge hole it in. so i took some strawberry scrap fabric, patched it up and turned it into a beloved valentine dress. she declared that she is going to wear it "every valentine's day!"

i had fun planning a special dinner, complete with a chocolate cake frosted with cream cheese frosting. it really is the best. i picked up a box of classic conversation heart candies which gianna enjoyed decorating with (and eating - yuck!). for dinner i made mustard stout marinated pork chops, brown butter orzo, roasted acorn squash, and caesar salad. the pork chops were really good, although next time i'm going to pan-sear and then roast them instead of broiling them. there was so much smoke it was like the house was on fire! it wasn't the best atmosphere to dine in, but the food was good enough to make up for it. i was a bit late getting dinner on the table, which combined with hungry kids means i didn't get any pictures taken. i think i may have posted one on instagram though. vincent brought me a sweet card, a gorgeous bouquet, a chocolate bar and a bottle of lambic. he knows me well.

today is a rainy saturday. swim classes in the morning and pizza for dinner. i'm looking forward to drinking my lambic and having craft night in the basement after the kiddos are asleep. gianna's birthday dress still has a long way to go before it is ready to wear...


  1. Your Valentine's day sounds just perfect! I love Gianna's dress. And your festive cake looks delicious.

  2. I love the sounds of your low-key Valentine's celebrations. We usually just have a kind of date night, with good food and wine, and exchange cards and small presents. It's fun but we never take it too seriously! I like what you did with Gianna's dress, that's very creative. x

  3. Hi. To answer your question about the Dave Ramsey class, we took a class. I think the home study version is the same thing. I got on his website and just looked for classes in our area that were on a day we could take them. Most of them are held at churches. Once I signed up I got the box of class materials in the, workbook, and audio CD's. I think the only difference between the class box and the homestudy box is DVD's. The class box doesn't come with them. I like the class idea because you are there in the same boat as everyone else! I download and listen to the podcast because I find it very inspiring. His radio show is on a super conservative station here in Denver and I can't bring myself to tune in so I do the podcast. I agree, having the money to put a down payment on a house is huge. I didn't do it when I bought my house ten years ago and wished now that I had. Good luck. I think it's a great journey.