Thursday, September 25, 2014

not enough hours in the day

We had a lovely visit with my mother in law. We talked about knitting a lot and I have two new sweaters that I'm going to start. Actually three sweaters. I'm going to knit this Katrine for myself and then a Fimma for Gianna in pink (of course!) and one in something else for Dean. While the bodies of the sweaters will be different colors I think I'll try to make the fair isle pattern the same colors. Not too matchy, but still coordinating. I've never done fair isle knitting and am excited to start! I'm planning on their sweaters to be Christmas gifts for next year. I have to be realistic, right? The magical soup I made last week must have done the trick because we were all cold-free for her stay. We did, however, discover the downside to having a loft bed that is bolted to the wall. When a child vomits in bed, it's really hard to clean between the bed and the wall. (A wet washcloth and BioKleen Bac-Out are my new friends)

I've been slowly working on sewing the curtains for the kids' room. The fabric is SO CUTE. The sewing room is still full of boxes so I've been setting up a mini studio on the dining table here and there. It works great, except by the time I get it quietly set up and the iron heated I have time to sew only a seam or two before nap time ends. We are moving Dean to his big boy bed tomorrow night, so I think tonight I will stay up until they are finished.

We finally got our fridge! It was making a terrible grinding noise and we were considering returning it, but then last night our knowledgable friend discovered that the ice maker was left on when it was installed, despite it not being hooked up to a water line. Now that it is off we are thoroughly enjoying our complete kitchen. We even made pizza for the first time in this house. The cooler days means it is time to turn on the oven. Hooray!!

Above is a drawing Gianna did of me on her paper party hat. I am wearing stripes in the last few portraits she has done of me. Maybe I'm becoming too predictable with my fashion choices?

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