Monday, October 6, 2014

curtains, finally

We have made it through the big transition! Dean has slept in his big boy bed for the last week and a half and is now sharing a room with his big sister. She has even started referring to it as 'our room' which is amazing.

I finished the curtains and really like them. I was looking at these photos, wishing they were brighter and then realized that the curtains are doing exactly what I was hoping they would do, make the room dark.

Soon we will hang some art and maybe even take down the changing table. Now the biggest challenge is keeping Dean from climbing up the bunk bed ladder. He is too wobbly to be up there alone, but he sure is fast at climbing up!


  1. I'm so glad the transition went well. I love the curtains, the fabric is awesome and they give the perfect amount of darkness. Well done.

  2. Those curtains are adorable. They look great, and yes, keeping the room dark is a must. My two share a room and they love it. It's nice to do it while they are still young enough to not mind. x

    1. Gillian, you wrote a post a while back about your children's shared bedroom which partly inspired this room. I'm pretty sure I pinned a picture from that post on my pinterest board too :)