Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A Knitting Update

Some things happened last spring that left me in a creative funk. For a couple of months all I was able to do once the kids were asleep was watch Sons of Anarchy. It was exactly what I needed and I'm so glad there were seven seasons of that show to help me get through that time. Now I have finally turned the corner and am back in the land of making things.

Last September I was full of knitting confidence and bought patterns and yarn for three sweaters. I was going to make a cardigan for myself and two fair isle sweaters (Fimma) for the kids. I set my goals somewhat reasonably, hoping to have the kids' sweaters finished by Christmas 2015. Well, I just finished the first of those sweaters for Gianna. I don't think I'm going to attempt to knit another one for Dean by Christmas. While I can see all of the mistakes I made, I am still very happy with it. I was really intimidated by fair isle knitting before I started, but the actual color work isn't complicated.

Here is where I'm at with my sweater, The Katrine. I've knit the cowl (I think I'll end up folding this over itself when I'm wearing it) and now I'm shaping the yoke and have the markers in where the raglan sleeves are going to be. Isn't that seed stitch so pretty? You can't really see them, but there are buttonholes hidden in there too. When it is finished I may line this with flannel. I'm thinking about adding pockets to it too. Looking at these last few photos it is becoming painfully obvious that I really like that shade of blue.

A couple of weeks ago my husband was out of town and I bought this book on impulse at the grocery store. I tend to buy myself little presents when he goes out of town. You know how that goes, right? And then when he comes back to town and I get a horrible cold from all of the missed sleep and stress of solo parenting, I find myself taking advantage of the flash 40% off sale at Swedish Hasbeens. My new clogs arrived today and they are glorious!

Anyway, this little fox stole is crying out for me to make one for each of my kids for Christmas. I was at the knitting store, asking the sale associate/knitting teacher if she thought I could get two made by December, and she said, "You just knit a fair isle sweater, this is will be a piece of cake," totally making my day. I knit the first 10 rows, but then realized I needed longer needles, so I went back to the store to buy them. That night I cast on again, starting over, only to read the pattern again and realize that I bought the wrong size needles. I thought I needed size 7, when I really needed size 10.5 which is 7mm. At this rate I won't even get one done by December. Clearly, I need more sleep.

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