Saturday, January 16, 2016


While it is not as dark as it was a month ago, it still feels very much like dark winter. The buds on the trees and the tender shoots pushing up through the earth are a welcome sight. I know we still have some time to go before spring is officially here, but it is nice to see a few hints of it here and there.

Dean has turned into a true helper whenever I need to grind meat. He would be happy grinding meat everyday. This day we made a double batch of meatballs; one for that night and one for the freezer. We have meatballs once a week. I'm thinking of trying a teriyaki meatball or some other kind of non-marinara based meatball.

Last weekend I learned that there is a ligament in the arm that can become dislocated if the arm is pulled on too hard. It's called Nursemaid's Elbow and Dean had it. I don't know how it happened. I was in the other room and he just started crying. After many tears and realizing he hadn't used that arm for three hours I decided to take him in. I'm so glad I did! The doctor popped it right back into place and he was using it again without discomfort within ten minutes. Amazing! The doctor said it was his favorite emergency medicine procedure. Now it is mine too.

I broke the apparently fragile jar my first starter was in, so I had to start over. It is now bubbling and smelling good. I think it is ready to be added into some dough this weekend. I'm trying not to get my hopes too high. GF bread isn't the same as regular bread and usually the first time baking something doesn't yield a perfect result. Still, I'm dreaming of homemade gf bagels, I can't help it.

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  1. I'm really glad Dean's arm is ok. Nursemaid's Elbow - something else to worry about when the kids are play fighting and pulling each other all around the house! I love the photo of the tiny pink bud. It's really cold here right now and feels like deep mid-winter, but it's nice to have these reminders that spring will come. x