Friday, May 13, 2016

Home Scenes

Here's a glimpse into the last few months, minus all of the used tissues and cough drop wrappers. The weather is pretending it is summer and the plants have been reacting accordingly, although the temperature is supposed to drop about 30 degrees overnight tonight, with a high of 90 and sun today and 61 and rain tomorrow. Back to Portland spring tomorrow. My garden will love the water and milder temps, as will I. We've been enjoying the weather, though, with grilled dinners outside, kids running through the sprinkler, local strawberries (atop shortcake of course!), a yard full of flowers and lots and lots of seed sowing and transplanting in the garden.

I started that sweet mitten and bonnet set for Gianna's school auction and learned some lessons. First, maybe don't pick something with a new type of stitch that can't be found on youtube and is easily forgotten. Second, don't get a cold with only a few weeks left to finish it. Yeah, so the auction is tomorrow night and it is still only half knit. When I did feel good enough to work on it, I couldn't remember how to make that cute bubble stitch work! Fortunately I have a back up finished project and now I have a whole year to finish this for next year.

I have two rolls of Swedish wallpaper that I am hoping to get on the wall this weekend, plus maybe some strawberry picking, and the school auction tomorrow evening. It will be the kids first time doing bedtime with a babysitter. Fingers crossed for success!

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