Monday, May 23, 2016


Dean: "Mama, it's you!"

Normal-ish spring weather has returned, with peonies and roses and mock orange blooming everywhere. Ahhh... On saturday we went strawberry picking on a whim, thinking we wouldn't find many berries and that it would start raining on us. We were wrong on both points! In an hour we had picked over thirty pounds of berries, they were so plentiful. And by 'we' I mean Vincent and I, with Gianna contributing about a basket of berries, Dean probably eating about a basket of berries, and them both getting bored quickly and deciding that using the rows of plants like hurdles was much more fun, running up and down, probably stomping on berries as they ran. So then I had to stop picking and redirect the running elsewhere lest they destroy all the berries. All in all a normal berry picking trip.

I took stock of my knitting projects and realized that I had set this sweet partial fairisle sweater aside for so long that it would be too small by next winter, so I had to rip it all out. Sigh. He already fits into Gianna's sweater which is a size bigger than this one! So my plan now is to give hers to him and knit this one for her in the next size up. It's a painful lesson to learn.

Gianna's class put on their spring performance last week "A Trip Across Asia." She was a tiger and did a lantern walk on stage, in addition to singing in the chorus. After the show I asked her if she had been scared or nervous (she had lines she spoke into the microphone all by herself) and she looked at me like I had said something strange and replied, "No, mostly I felt proud and excited." YES! I am so impressed by her teachers and what they are able to do with three mixed grade classes of kindergartners, first graders and second graders. As one of my friends said to me during the show, "I think I was a flower when I was in kindergarten, not a taiko drummer or an emperor with twelve lines!"


  1. I have done that a couple of times with knitting as it takes me so long by the time I have finished it doesn't fit! So annoying x

    1. Luckily there was one more skein of dark blue yarn in the same dye lot at my local knitting shop, otherwise I wouldn't have the option of knitting the next size up! Hopefully I've learned my lesson this time.