Tuesday, October 4, 2016


I think Dean captured my essence well here, especially my giant ears and one blue tooth.

October has arrived and brought the rain along with it. I love sleeping when it is raining. It's the best lullaby, snug under a pile of blankets. Last friday it was our turn to bring the class pet home for the weekend. The kids were ecstatic and basically stayed in the craft room with her all of friday and saturday. By the end of the weekend Vincent and I were really glad we didn't have a guinea pig full time. The mess! The smell! Not to mention monitoring the safety of a small creature with kids full of enthusiasm. Eva was well loved and is now back at school. We all remarked at how big our cat seemed after holding Eva. I think the cat enjoyed a break from her daily attention from the kids.

I should be planting cover crops right now but the rain makes me less than excited to get out there. I just want to stay in and bake or knit with a cup of tea. I had two pears that were almost spoiled so I made another pear custard tart. I also put some pears in one of the batches of muffins I made on sunday. They're like little gems of deliciousness. This lentil salad is my new favorite lunch. I prefer it without the potatoes. Today I added just the dressed lentils to a green salad with a six minute egg. I'm enjoying it while I write this post and listen to Ryan Adams' Easy Tiger. I can't seem to get enough Ryan Adams lately.

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