Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Turning the Calendar

Halloween yesterday was a great success! Unlike last year, the rain held off and gave us hours of rain-free trick or treating. Highlights were the middle school dance team dressed as zombies dancing to Thriller in the middle of the street, seeing so many friends and neighbors, Vincent's Snape-as-Death Eater costume that he made himself (including the mask!), and getting the kids to bed by 8 despite all of the candy consumption.

Adding to yesterday's excitement was getting my first phone call ever from Gianna's school, telling me that she had been poked in the eye with a pencil. As we drove to the doctor's office we talked about how Halloween was the best day to potentially have to wear an eye patch, and how we would drizzle fake blood down her cheek coming out from under the patch. What's scary than a vampire? A vampire with a bloody eye patch! Fortunately no eye patch was needed, just some yellow drops that revealed no actual damage was done and Halloween festivities weren't impacted at all.

Now it is time to put away the Halloween decorations and hold off on Christmas decorations as long as possible. I went to Target yesterday and there was already a huge Christmas display up. I'm not ready to celebrate winter yet! I'm going to hold onto fall as long as possible.

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